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Product Information

All the product images, descriptive copy and supporting detail information are intended to be guides to assist in providing informative information to the customer in order to make a purchase decision. 

Credit Card Authorization

ViiViikay.Com will attempt to authorize available funds from a customer's credit card in order to process and complete an order. The checkout process requires a match to the customer's billing address information, zip code and CVV number. If any of these fields do not match with the credit card issuing bank's billing information on file that order will be declined. An authorization of funds may be made even in the event of a declined order, in which case, the funds will be held for authorization purposes only and the card will NOT be charged. However the authorization may be held on the card for up to 1-5 business days depending on the issuing bank's policy regarding authorization holds.

 Vii Vii Kay reserves the right to cancel or make adjustments to any order placed in order to comply with the promotion being offered. Vii Vii Kay will not charge any customer an amount that is greater than the total checkout price. However, orders may be put on hold in order for a customer service representative to contact a customer for additional information if necessary to complete the order. Sales on specials, promotions and sale items are final. Offers may change at any time and are good only while supplies last. Promotions cannot be applied to previous orders placed.